Rollforming machines

Roll form machines are designed to make sheet metal into straight formed shapes. The process is a flat sheet of metal is power fed through a successive series of Hardened Steel Rollers, which station by station shape the metal into a finished shape as it passes through them.
we are manufacturing all kinds of roll forming machines like:
1- Metal deck roll forming machine
There are many standard metal deck or steel deck profiles that a steel deck roll forming machine is technically capable to produce, and these deck sheets are widely used in a variety of applications.
2- Trapezoid roll forming machine
The main machine automatically stops and and cutting will take place.after the cutting the main machine will start automaticaly
3- Roof & wall panel roll forming machine
Roof Roll forming Machine is a type of rolling involving the continuous bending of a long strip of sheet metal (typically coiled steel) into a desired cross-section.
4- Fixed and adjustable (G-L-U) roll forming machine
U Roll forming machine:
quick interchangeable steel keel roll forming machine adopts a special structure. one machine can produce all size of 20-40 mm U channel profile without change any part. change one size to other size just needs 3 minutes by hand wheel and the size is very exact.
5- Guard rail roll forming machine
A crash barrier or guardrail is a barrier on a road designed to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway to improve road safety. Guardrail roll forming machine is special more.. … Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine can Produce a variety of guard rails which is Mostly used in high way Road
6- Corrugated roll forming machine:
This system can adjust work pieces number and length.different forms of various thicknesses and width can be presented upon customer’s order
7- Double layer corrugated roll forming machine
8- Terra cotta roll forming machine:
The product is easy for installation. It is widely used in the roofs of villa, scenic spot buildings and the construction works of changing flat roof into sloping roof.
these sheets are formed from colored and galvanized sheets
Our machine advantages:
High speed of production (12 meter/min)
Using cutting technology with no waste
Controlling machine in manual,automatic and semi-automatic modes by using PLC controlling system
Automatic measurement
Using the best materials in production
Technical information:
Power Transmission system: Double chain Gear Rock Type of guillotine: Hydraulic
Roller material: CK45
Number of stations: 27 to 33 stations
Potentials of cutting part
Length of sheet is cut automatically cut according to the measure given by PLC and encoder
The cutting set does the cutting operation for the intended lengths and this will repeat automatically up to the end of sheet
Blades of this part are made of chrome hardness of 12
Control system potential
length are measured by using intelligent system
control part is touch
Details of each composition
Cutting after forming: cut the sheet after roll forming to required length
Cutting motion: the main machine automatically stops and the cutting will take place,after that the main machine will start automatically.
Material of blade: CR12 with heat treatment
Length measuring: automatic length measuring
Tolerance of length: +/- 1.5 mm
Control panel:
voltage, frequency, phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase (depend on customer requirement)
Automatic length measurement
Automatic quantity measurement: Computer used to control length & quantity. machine will automatically cut the length and stop when the required quantity is achieved
Length inaccuracy can be amended easily
control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen
Unit of length: millimeter (switch on the control panel)
Structure of equipment:
include passive uncoiling, drive system, Roll forming machine, Cutting system, Hydraulic system, Control system and product supporter